The Christmas tree is up and only two ornaments were destroyed in an inevitable sacrifice to get some sweet pictures of my 22 month old daughter decorating the tree.


A public service announcement for professionals in the healthcare industry, courtesy of your friendly neighborhood hiring manager

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act = HIPAA. If on your resume you describe yourself as a HIPAA expert, please, for the love of God, stop spelling it “HIPPA”.

Ya damn kids get off my lawn!

Husband and I bought a minivan today. We are one step closer to being ready to be a family of four and one step closer to teenagers targetting us for roof-eggings and law-toilet-paperings.

I am having an utterly emotional moment here as I picture future-Stumps and future-Beans arguing over who has to be the one seen in public driving it in the year 2027. {sniff} :’)