Is it wrong to want to fast forward through all the parts of my life that involve potty-training someone?


“Time is our friend, because for us there is no end… and all you gotta do is have a little faith in me”

Playing my favorite songs to my belly via iPod and being kicked repeatedly in response! Assuming this means that although she does not have a proper name, Jellybean does have great taste is music!


I suppose it could also mean she is trying to break my iPod. hm


Hanging out with Husband , arguing about baby names. Husband’s votes were “Ashley” and “Jennifer”. I let him know that the early 80s called and they want their Top 10 Names back. I suggested “Ryan”. Husband informed me that if I burden our little girl an androgynous name, I will be a single parent by the time she arrives.

When I insisted that “Tierney” is a beautiful name, Husband replied with “It is a beautiful name… for a stripper.”

I may disappear on him at the 8 1/2 month mark and return a few weeks later with a sweet newborn baby and a signed, unalterable birth certificate.