Blissing out over nothing

I think the best days are the ones (like today) that are completely ordinary and unremarkable, yet leave me wondering how on earth I could deserve to have such happiness. (sappy and sentimental, even for me. I blame the hormones.)

*hic* *hic*

my belly has the hiccups ♥






(Please excuse the vaguely hominid blobform in the background. I have two theories about what may have happened: 1. I have zero photo-editing skills but a modest amount of integrity, and it seemed rude to post a picture of my uncle on a blog when he doesn’t even use facebook 2. My parents’ house is haunted and my uncle just watched that video from The Ring that blurs pictures of the faces of the damned in the week leading up to their deaths. Both hypotheses are equally plausible.)

Pregnancy craving leads to act of desperation

I am roasting marshmallows over a scented candle because it is essential that I have s’mores immediately. Junior year of college style. Roommates circa 2001 know what I’m talkin’ about.