Quote from a resume received today: “Practiced at receiving positive criticism well”.
Glad to know there are still a few applicants out there who can receive compliments and praise without getting all defensive. Phew!


Locked out

On today’s episode of “Parenting Fails” our hot mom mess Kimmie locks her keys in the car with one of her precious children trapped inside and has to call the fire department. While I am not sure it warranted use of both the flashing lights and the siren, the additional element of very public shame and humiliation ensured that I will never ever make that mistake again. Poor Stumps.


Today my home is a little less happy and my world is a little less stripey. I hope in kitty heaven they have lots of fleece blankets to shed on, unattended dinner plates to sample, sofas to claw up, and laps to settle in. Of your nearly sixteen years on this earth Shelly, I am so glad you spent the last five of them with us. I will miss you terribly and hope that the beloved pets of my childhood gave you lots of shreds of chicken and a wonderful welcome to the paradise you deserve.