My daughter has a little school concert tomorrow. One song includes the words

“lately I’ve been going through some things that really got me down. I need to find someone to help me start to turn my life around.”

I am sure all three year olds can totally relate to the gravity of these lyrics. Just yesterday Stumps laid bare her soul and confided to me that she spilled some grape juice on her favorite pair of Dora socks. Preschoolers deal with some heavy stuff.


Bonus points if she picks her nose while singing this verse


Weird things my children have colored – Part of a Series

Colored by Stumps – Age 3

Hm. What biblical story is this supposed to represent?


I’ve had some nasty upper respiratory crud for the past two weeks and have been shellacking myself with Vicks for days to ease my suffering. Stumps is completely fascinated by this substance. She just climbed into my bed, grabbed me by the collar, and said “mommy I need to smell your heart”.


One year and one day ago, a very pregnant already-mom to a toddler quietly agonized about the impossibility of ever having enough room in her heart to love a second child even remotely as much as she loved her first. The following day, the second child arrived. The mom’s heart exploded and nearly swallowed her whole with a depth of love that she will never be able to properly articulate well enough to do it justice. Happy birthday to my little Jellybean.


On today’s episode of “Parents Jinxing Themselves By Bragging on The Internet”  out hot mom mess Kimmie makes a public internet declaration that her three year old has not worn a pull-up to bed in a week and has not had a single accident. Stay tuned for tomorrow when our protagonist posts a follow-up that she spent the entire night repeatedly blowdrying a twin-size mattress and changing size 4T pajamas while doing the Ugly Cry. (I know potty training status updates are right at the top of the “Reasons People Defriend Me” list, but seriously folks I’m proud)