Where the frick are Max & Ruby’s parents??



The girls were little fish at swim lessons, we roasted marshmallows, and visited big papa. Now watching “Yellow Submarine” with dad and we both know every word to every song. It’s a good day.


While shopping in Target today, I was approached by two young men who asked me if I watched the show “Lizard Lick Towing” and said they were looking to cast some extras for the show. I am pretty sure that wandering off with strangers to be “cast as an extra” in what I am pretty certain is supposed to be an unscripted reality show is how 31 year old women end up murdered and left in an abandonded lot behind the mall. Although admittedly, my first thought was “shit are you towing my minivan?”


You walk up to a vehicle in a crowded parking lot, press the unlock button on the remote, and nothing happens. How many clicks of the fob does it take for you to realize that this in fact is not your ride, and is not even all that similar? For me, the answer appears to be seven.