Freaking love preschoolers

It took me awhile to translate “Mommy life jackets are not fair!” (We are not on a boat. We are in the living room.) to what Stumps was actually trying to tell me: “Mommy yellow jackets are mean and aggressive!” I didn’t have my a-ha moment until she repeatedly told me that if I didn’t watch out, life jackets would try to sting me. ♥ smallkidspeak :)

Please nap child

How does a toddler have a fever of 102 (which for an adult is right on the threshhold of experiencing delusions and hallucinations) and still energetically destroy the house? Or perhaps that is how I know she is delusionally hallucinating… hmm. When I have a fever I am miserable but Beans seems downright euphoric

And then there’s today

Some days I feel quite proud of how respectably I have juggled a very full-time job and a very full-time parenting gig over the past four years while maintaining a satisfactory level of focus and mental health. Other days, such as today, my husband brings me the damp cordless phone he fished out of the washing machine that I apparently included with today’s dark load.


I just spent an hour cleaning a baby skidmark off the upstairs carpet. I know my life is glamorous, but try to keep your jealousy under control.