She just drank too much coffee today is all

Stumps is definitely giving up her nap and I am definitely in denial about it.


Things Not To Say To Your Wife

“Baby that was not actually a five inch cockroach on the wall above your head. When it hit the floor I could see it better and it just had really long wings.”


If my spouse is looking for me, I’ll be in a hotel.

Obligatory Thanksgiving gratitude blog

Thankful for 90s country music, daffodils, my tiny girls, mountains, the other two members of my work team, seasons, my endearingly dysfunctional family, my job, my minivan (yes really), space heaters, Husband, products designed for curly hair (just because it’s shallow doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate it), pumpkin pie, best friends, best friends’ kids, fondue, my office that has a pretty view and a thermostat, comedy, and God.