Urban fairytale

Once upon a time, in a suburban castle with a horrifyingly messy kitchen floor, there lived a little princess named Jellybean. Though her parents loved her very much and regularly indulged her with tasty treats, Jellybean still struggled with feelings of shame and guilt for her love of nutritionally-void sustenance. One day the tiny princess disappeared and her mommy became very worried. She looked everywhere in the castle for Jellybean, calling her name, but her cries were met with silence. Just when the heartbroken queen was about to give up hope of ever finding her precious daughter, she noticed a trail of crumbs leading to a miniature kitchenette, which was ever-so-slightly out of place from its usual station in the kitchen. The queen peeked around the corner. At last! The princess was  safe! Discovered with a chewed-open can of Pringles and the guiltiest facial-expression the queen had ever seen, the little girl was reunited with her family. After careful monitoring and treatment at a toddler-eating-disorder rehabilitative facility, little Princess Jellybean and her mother lived happily ever after.

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