I think I wrote two intro posts for the blog. Whatever. I’m exhausted and it’s one in the morning and it stays.

I have always found narcissism amusing, and enjoyed a hearty private laugh at this personality disorder quality.

And then I started a blog.  I even paid actual money for a domain when numerous blog servers are 100% free. I can no longer, in good conscience, poke fun at narcissists.

I have a credit card bill to hold myself accountable, so I hope to keep this up. I never created any baby books to speak of for either of my sweet children. I feel terrible about this. At the very least, I want to have some sort of record of our lives so that in twenty years when they accuse me of neglecting my parenting duties to spend time on the internet, resulting in years of necessary psychoanalytic therapy, I can smugly show them my blogged summary of their youth and say “See all of the fun that we had!?”

My mother harasses me relentlessly about ignoring my kids in favor of the computer… while nagging me to start a blog in the same breath. This happens all the time.

I will worry about the irony of all of the faulty logic in the preceding two paragraphs later.

I am, at best, mediocre at parenting, but I love my children and husband so much that I feel like I need to invent words that don’t yet exist to properly capture and describe the depth of the emotion.

The next time my mom gives me grief about being in the general vicinity of a computer, I am going to tell her I am blogging.

I am pretty much talking to myself. That’s all for now.


3 thoughts on “I think I wrote two intro posts for the blog. Whatever. I’m exhausted and it’s one in the morning and it stays.

  1. And i am reading your blog. Remember when you used to come over to our house and climb into my son’s bed?
    I didn’t do the baby books either.

  2. I think this is awesome Kimmie! I would love to do something like this when I’m a surrogate cause it’s fun to put on paper (or the internet) what you are going through at a certain time in your life. But don’t feel bad about that baby books…I don’t have one for my kids either (mike didn’t do one for katie so I felt like I shouldn’t do one for kayla)…so this is awesome! They are going to get a kick out of it someday…and you are helping the rest of us that feel like we may never make it as parents by making us laugh :) Love you and super proud of you!

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