The random ads

I know that a number of intrusive (and probably somewhat obnoxious) ads pop-up with my blog. It cost even more to have an ad-free domain, so to keep initial costs down, I have to let wordpress host their partner ads on here. Please let me know if there is anything particularly gross or R-rated… I haven’t seen anything like that yet, but despite my love of using light-profanity, this is by-and-large a blog about my experiences with parenting tiny bizarre children, and I would like the ad content to be somewhat tame. I am pretty new at blogging so I wanted to put that out there, as I really have no input on what shows up.

If any seasoned bloggers have advice about how to screen or somewhat control the ads, let me know. I wish I could say that I got any sort of compensation from all of the ads on stumpsandbeans, but unfortunately all I got was a reduced domain hosting cost. Insert quietly sarcastic “yaaaaay” here. Maybe someday when Stumps, Beans, Husband, and I are famous for our amusing anecdotes and entertaining exploits, we will become one of those semi-retired blog-author millionaires like The Bloggess or Dooce (Seriously, check them out.) Ha!

I love comments!

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