Weird things my children have colored – Part of a Series

While I am at work, my daughters attend a Christian church preschool childcare center. Though I believe in God, pray frequently, and feel generally at peace with the state of my soul, we are not a religiously practicing family. Husband was raised Southern Baptist; I was raised by a Methodist-turned-atheist, and a nonpracticing Jew. Suffice it to say, other than having a pretty solid relationship with God, I have not quite sorted out my beliefs regarding all of the additional details that define a specific denomination or religious practice. I am enjoying the journey of figuring that out though, and am completely okay with my spiritual ambiguity.

My four year old has a refreshingly sweet, unjaded (just gonna go ahead and make up a word here since I don’t know an antonym for jaded) heart and immense faith in God. I love this and want to protect and nurture her spirituality (and if and when she changes her mind down the road, support and encourage whatever direction her quest for faith may lead her) as best I can, despite being relatively agnostic myself.

Now that this post has become really deep and philosophical and you are expecting me to continue to contemplate the mysteries of the Creator… I am going to go ahead and mock my toddler’s (now preschooler’s) art projects. Specifically, the coloring book pictures that Stumps brings home from school.

Anytime I reach into her cubby and the coloring-sheet of the day is so ridiculous that I glance around in search of a hidden camera and wonder if I am being Punk’d, I scan it in and share it on fb. I am going to roll out this series of posts today with the very first questionably age-appropriate picture Stumps ever brought home. She colored this masterpiece of children’s biblical curriculum in July 2011, when she was 2 1/2. For the rest of these, I will date them in their proper places in the archives based on when she colored them, and link them to this post. I eagerly await your captions for Stumps’ religious-themed art.

It took a couple of years, but Stumps is finally overcoming her fear of water

Fabio versus the lion

If He rolls his eyes and sighs Pilate, you have crossed the line

When you mix theology and LSD, this could potentially be the result


The decolletage collage (Okay this one is not biblical. It is Beans’ first submission to the series though so I felt that it was entitled to an honorable mention)

Without further adieu…

At preschool today, my two year old colored what appears to be a murder.


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