Very full-time mama with a very full-time job

While I wish that I could boast about how I get paid to sit around and journal publicly  about my experiences as an admittedly slightly dysfunctional parent, this blogger thing is just my awkward awesome alterego. In truth, I have a very full-time job that I love which primarily consists of talent acquisition, employee relations, leadership development, and a lot of miscellaneous compliance and administrative tasks.

Because I am married to an excellent attorney (who alternates between being mildly amused, somewhat mortified, and utterly horrified by the fact that I have started a blog), I am going to go ahead and insert my very first disclaimer:

Any and all views expressed in this blog are solely my opinions and do not in any way reflect or represent the views of my employer, my spouse, my family, and because I am one of those really unusual INFPs on the Myers-Briggs… probably do not reflect the views of at least 95% of the world population.

Therefore if you ever take my career (or, God forbid, my parenting) advice, and you lose your job or child protective services comes and hauls away your young, you are not allowed to sue me for it.

Phew, okay! I am sure Husband feels better already. Anyway, with that said, I am very very often asked for career advice, resume advice, job search advice, etc. (Incidentally, no one has ever solicited me for parenting advice. Hm)

This whole career-related series probably needs it’s own separate page on Stumpsandbeans, and I will add that to the bulleted blog-project to do list, right after “Figure out how the hell to set-up a blog domain email”. I would love to post on topics that could be possibly helpful to some (again: See disclaimer) professionals in the American workforce (I know nothing at all about international hiring norms.) I have interviewed well over a thousand job applicants in the past six years and been asked by very many “Would you mind sharing with me why I did not get the job?”

Today I stumbled upon this article on US News that explains why, unfortunately, I don’t give specifics, and very few hiring managers do. The article is well-written, transparent, and really covers this sticky issue excellently. For anyone who has ever asked a hiring manager for feedback on why they were not selected (or wanted to ask but did not), and for anyone who has ever wondered why s/he received the dreaded generic and impersonal “no thanks” letter… here is some insight.

As one might imagine, I feel a kinship with and have a major soft-spot for full-time working moms. Really though, I would love to hear feedback from or have a dialogue with anyone reading, if they would like to comment and share their thoughts on anything related to job searches, careers, balancing work & family, etc.

And now that my own personal lunchbreak is over, back to work…



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