Blog entry titles. I’m completely out of ideas.

This evening, Stumps and I had a little mommy-daughter date night. We attended a local youth musical with a Disney theme, and Stumps got to meet a couple of the princesses and have her picture made with “Jasmine” after the show. The high school girls must have made quite an impression, because when we got in the van to leave, Stumps wistfully opined, “I wish one of those princesses could be my mommy”.

Kid, I just spent $30 on play tickets and dinner so that we could spend some quality one-on-one time together. What the hell.

When I asked Stumps what I should do with myself now that she was ready for a new mommy, she said “You can now be a mommy to someone else. For some of those kids on Annie who don’t have mommies.”

Pretty sure Stumps just emancipated herself from me and put me up for adoption.


Speaking of the ridiculousness that comes with the territory of parenting…

For my friends who are (or, like me, will someday be) parents of tween & teen girls – the Athena’s Path program and its creator’s website is pretty much an essential guide to raising young women who are healthy, kind, well-adjusted, and like themselves.

So very highly recommend!


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