My thus far entirely backwards blog (Alternately titled: Thanks for reading, mom.)

I have committed one of the unforgivable sins of parenting and not created baby books for my children. Or a wedding album for that matter :) . I have little scraps (think scribbles on the backs of receipts, notations in the margins of shopping lists, reminder emails sent from myself to myself) everywhere… and I also have facebook status updates as far back as 2007 that in recent years have become longer and longer and more like my (very public, fraught-with-poor-grammar) journal.

I would throw the paper scraps with my girls’ milestones, ridiculously cute nonsense toddler quotes, and so on into a drawer at my desk by my computer, always intending to organize the most poignant and amusing episodes since I really became (or at least started to feel like) an adult* into something concrete that would help me remember the very ordinary life that I live.

I purchased this domain on February 1, and have been blogging almost entirely backwards… pulling together all of the different sources that I have shoved into drawers in my computer desk, posted on facebook, noted on my iPod, etc, to create a record of the most interesting, bizarre, amusing, treasured, and ridiculous moments of the last 5 or so years of my life. Since I now have approximately 150 blog posts, you can do the math and determine that I have not really slept since Wednesday. {yawn}

If you do happen to read this and experience deja vu when reading the content prior to January 31, a whole lot of it is from my status updates on facebook which had in the last year or two started to turn into more of a blog.

I plagiarized myself.

I am now to fall 2010 and am still blogging backwards, hoping to have this record really start in 2008. I will simultaneously be blogging in real-time like a normal person (…well, as normal as a person can possibly be who keeps a public self-absorbed diary on the internet and begs people to “follow” it :)

Anyway – if the content speaks to you, if you happen to find it relatable, if you happen to enjoy reading it, if it makes you laugh… please comment, please “follow” (God blogging is narcissistic), please share. It will hold me accountable to continue to post and give my kids another compelling reason to be embarrassed by me and need a gifted therapist when they become literate.

In conclusion, I never know how to end these things. And also I am fully aware that it is entirely likely  I am only talking (writing?) to my mom. So, hm. Thanks for stopping by!

 *which I consider around the age of 25. I try to block out probably 90% of my early 20s entirely


She’s worth having insomnia for

‎4 am feeding. iPad makes it bearable. Extreme cuteness of impossibly tiny person being fed helps as well