Celebrating 30 this evening with pizza and beer (for everyone else. Apple juice for the under 5 crowd… and me). Just saw the weather report and apparently I’m dreaming of a white birthday.


In other news, “the Judds’ “Love Can Build a Bridge” is making me weep while I clean our house. I blame pregnancy hormones. And an embarassingly obsessive love of 90s country music.


*hic* *hic*

my belly has the hiccups ♥






(Please excuse the vaguely hominid blobform in the background. I have two theories about what may have happened: 1. I have zero photo-editing skills but a modest amount of integrity, and it seemed rude to post a picture of my uncle on a blog when he doesn’t even use facebook 2. My parents’ house is haunted and my uncle just watched that video from The Ring that blurs pictures of the faces of the damned in the week leading up to their deaths. Both hypotheses are equally plausible.)

Pregnancy craving leads to act of desperation

I am roasting marshmallows over a scented candle because it is essential that I have s’mores immediately. Junior year of college style. Roommates circa 2001 know what I’m talkin’ about.

“Time is our friend, because for us there is no end… and all you gotta do is have a little faith in me”

Playing my favorite songs to my belly via iPod and being kicked repeatedly in response! Assuming this means that although she does not have a proper name, Jellybean does have great taste is music!


I suppose it could also mean she is trying to break my iPod. hm


Hanging out with Husband , arguing about baby names. Husband’s votes were “Ashley” and “Jennifer”. I let him know that the early 80s called and they want their Top 10 Names back. I suggested “Ryan”. Husband informed me that if I burden our little girl an androgynous name, I will be a single parent by the time she arrives.

When I insisted that “Tierney” is a beautiful name, Husband replied with “It is a beautiful name… for a stripper.”

I may disappear on him at the 8 1/2 month mark and return a few weeks later with a sweet newborn baby and a signed, unalterable birth certificate.